-NIKE Warehouse Sale 2012 Part 2-

Went from NIKE Warehouse Sales 2012 yesterday... it is not what I'm expected HUGE but well, in my mind.. NIKE = shoes with big TICK... yaaaa... it is more shoe in Dewan Sri Putra... oh ya... FYI... Dewan Sri Putra was near by Stadium Bukit Jalil.. have to drive into the stadium.. and you will see all the way long with the bunting with NIKE Warehouse Sales 2012 (orange color... correct me if I'm wrong..I'm color blink)

Let's view some photo to tell you the story...
convenience for those who driving from far.. LOTS of parking..

This is Dewan Sri Putra

FYI.. no BAG allowed.. means your Goochi, LiaoWee, Bradada..
the security will give you a big plastic bag and tight it..
when you wanna make your payment.. the cashier will cut the knot thingy
for you.. =)


You know what I'm mean.. it like a 'U' shape of this.. if you ever be in the..
you know what I'm mean.. DOZEN OF SHOESSSSS!!!

I spot this.. Should I get this? ummmm.... to many choices..

Let just see the price..
WOW!! 40%+10%.. cheap cheap leh!!!

The crowded ..

H.O.L.L.Y   S.T.A.I.R
not sure izzit because was last two days... I'm actually looking for the shoe bag for my TinTin.. but too bad.. not selling on that day.. should go earlier next time!! pisss pisss... i didn't get the shoe... XD

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