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As per PREVIOUS POST , I blog something about -Lunar Calender @ Ghost Month 盂蘭節- .
Today I'm gonna introduce the MATERIAL that being use, what and how they works.

1.Incense Stick - Is one of the major MATERIAL when praying, it is use for those prayer who wish to convey some message for their God or Good Brother(GB).

2. Candle - One type of candle from others, with different of culture or religion had different story.. Am not so sure which is which.. so.. as i know, it is part of praying stuff.
3.Biscuit and sweet - normally when we pray GB, it is included in that, it play a role of FOOD,  suggest you guy buy something sweet, don't choose the MINT or SPICY thing.. normally if the GB include child or baby,  they won't eat it..(it same like children in real world)

4. Gold & Silver Money - It is a type of money that can be use at Hell..
5. Hell Bank Note(陰司紙)- normally it come with two type, 10000000 or 5000000 DOLLAR??!! (don't ask me where to use, what they buy, how they spend so much, how much was the iPad over there.. I have no idea.. XD)
6. Road Pass Money(過路錢)- this is important (I THINK...), it play a role as MONEY too.. BUT it is different with the Gold & Silver Money(金銀紙)and Hell Bank Note(陰司紙), it use as when praying, asking others HUMAN away from that, and it can be use as when GB pass by some place or reaching the ''Place'', can be pay for other GB..(more or less it mean BRIBE..)

7. Paper Cloth(紙衣-七彩衣紙的一種)-it is cloth for GB.
8. ''Wang-Sheng'' Paper(往生紙)-it is very thin paper that printed different type of SCRIPTURE,


namo amitābhāya tathāgatāya tadyathā amṛtod-bhave amṛta-siddhaṃ bhave amṛta-vikrānte amṛta-vikrānta gāmini gagana kīrta-kāre svāhā
Resource from WikiPedia ..
9. Seven Colour Paper(七彩衣紙) - Same with Paper Cloth, but it comes with unfold/unmodified plain colour paper, normally prayer will fold it into ''SHIP'' shape for easy burn.. 
10. ''Gui-Ren'' Paper(貴人紙) - it is a type of paper printed with 東方貴人,西方貴人,南方貴人,北方貴人,財昂星君,帶材童子 and 童男貴人. It come with many different type of ''Gui-Ren'' Paper, normally we choose that one without writing our data/name (prayer data needed for Singapore Version of ''Gui-Ren'' Paper )
''Gur-Ren'' Paper

So, this is the simple intro about the MATERIAL that normally use up for Ghost Month, different culture have their own style to praying, different 籍貫 have different praying culture too.. 
Suggest to ask opinion from the seller who sell those MATERIAL..


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