-NEW Month September

Was laying on my bath tub with bubbling bubbling and duck-ling duck-ling floating here and there.. having my bath this morning.. The moment the water splashed on my face.. Wah Wah~~ so refresh... YES!! is new month, counting the next 26th.. counting the salary.. how i'm gonna use it.. bla bla bla..(change my car tyre.. service service...)


is NEW month.. KPI(working target...)

Start from ZeR0... 

Work hard Bloggers!!!

-The Matter between RIGHT & HAPPY

 "Would you rather be right, or be happy?''
As a human-being, whose wish to being wronged?

Don't care about WIN or RIGHT..
If you win, the other will not be happy, same if happen the other side..
Why not choose to be HAPPY together?
Being together for quick some times... Sure have the own way to communicate.. 
Lesson Learnt.. 

introduction for praying

As per PREVIOUS POST , I blog something about -Lunar Calender @ Ghost Month 盂蘭節- .
Today I'm gonna introduce the MATERIAL that being use, what and how they works.

1.Incense Stick - Is one of the major MATERIAL when praying, it is use for those prayer who wish to convey some message for their God or Good Brother(GB).

2. Candle - One type of candle from others, with different of culture or religion had different story.. Am not so sure which is which.. so.. as i know, it is part of praying stuff.
3.Biscuit and sweet - normally when we pray GB, it is included in that, it play a role of FOOD,  suggest you guy buy something sweet, don't choose the MINT or SPICY thing.. normally if the GB include child or baby,  they won't eat it..(it same like children in real world)

4. Gold & Silver Money - It is a type of money that can be use at Hell..
5. Hell Bank Note(陰司紙)- normally it come with two type, 10000000 or 5000000 DOLLAR??!! (don't ask me where to use, what they buy, how they spend so much, how much was the iPad over there.. I have no idea.. XD)
6. Road Pass Money(過路錢)- this is important (I THINK...), it play a role as MONEY too.. BUT it is different with the Gold & Silver Money(金銀紙)and Hell Bank Note(陰司紙), it use as when praying, asking others HUMAN away from that, and it can be use as when GB pass by some place or reaching the ''Place'', can be pay for other GB..(more or less it mean BRIBE..)

7. Paper Cloth(紙衣-七彩衣紙的一種)-it is cloth for GB.
8. ''Wang-Sheng'' Paper(往生紙)-it is very thin paper that printed different type of SCRIPTURE,


namo amitābhāya tathāgatāya tadyathā amṛtod-bhave amṛta-siddhaṃ bhave amṛta-vikrānte amṛta-vikrānta gāmini gagana kīrta-kāre svāhā
Resource from WikiPedia ..
9. Seven Colour Paper(七彩衣紙) - Same with Paper Cloth, but it comes with unfold/unmodified plain colour paper, normally prayer will fold it into ''SHIP'' shape for easy burn.. 
10. ''Gui-Ren'' Paper(貴人紙) - it is a type of paper printed with 東方貴人,西方貴人,南方貴人,北方貴人,財昂星君,帶材童子 and 童男貴人. It come with many different type of ''Gui-Ren'' Paper, normally we choose that one without writing our data/name (prayer data needed for Singapore Version of ''Gui-Ren'' Paper )
''Gur-Ren'' Paper

So, this is the simple intro about the MATERIAL that normally use up for Ghost Month, different culture have their own style to praying, different 籍貫 have different praying culture too.. 
Suggest to ask opinion from the seller who sell those MATERIAL..


-Lunar Calender @ Ghost Month 盂蘭節-


I believe that most of the Chinese all around the world (Especially Singaporean and Malaysian) know that start from 17August 2012 till 30th August was ''Ghost Month''.. 
And being a Chinese that religion was Taoism will have a praying ceremony at the road side(拜路邊)..

Well.. We know 拜路邊,but how many of you know how to pray? What to prepare? When to pray? 
This post I gonna share the way to pray to everyone.. =)

Let's start when/what to pray
As the culture of ''Ghost Month'', we have to pray for ''好兄弟''(''Good Brother''..those spirit..) at the day before 1st day of July(Lunar Calender) and 13th of July(Lunar Calender)... As we know.. ''Good Brother''(Okie... or ''Good Sister'') will come out for their ''New Year''...(Human can celebrate New Year.. so.. they got New Year too!!) specifically I'm not sure how they celebrate.. 

They do!!

As we watch movie or google-ing.. GB/GS can't stay below the sunlight... so.. we have to pray at evening around 6 or 7.. cant be too late.. because night time they will be more 阴(pronounce as YIN, more ''powerful'') human like us will be easily being ''disturb''.. 

The thing to Prepare..
Refer as below for the thing have to prepare.. 
 1.Incense Stick (香)
2.Candle (蠟燭)
3."Gui-Ren" Paper (貴人紙)
4."Wang-Sheng" Paper (往生紙)
5.Seven Colour Paper (七彩衣紙)
6.Paper Cloth (紙衣-七彩衣紙的一種)-Another type of Seven Colour Paper
7.Gold & Silver Money (金/銀紙)
8.Road Past Money (過路錢)
9.Biscuit & Sweet (餅乾和糖果)
10.Hell Bank Note (陰司紙)

Basically, we will need this to pray, but you may add more different or more others thing for the praying ceremony.. Get consult from the shop owner who sell that..  

Some SUGGESTION for you guys to praying.. 
1. Normally we praying for GB/GS, one thing in mind is FAST.. BUT not to just simply pray and go.. what I mean is, do the necessary.. take it seriously..
3. Don't bring your children together.(Besuase small child still young.. easy get disturb)
4. Normally we will pray with some biscuit or sweet, remember, don't pray those sweet with MINT flavour.. such as HACKS, MENTOS.. They prefer something SWEET.. (this my papa always remind me.. ) BTW, Coffee flavour still okie..
5. Make sure those paper money burnt well.. DON'T LEAVE ANYTHING..
6. Most of the people said, DON'T EVER TELL OR SAY YOUR OWN NAME - normally we will say something(念念有詞..) but REMEMBER, don't ever tell your name..

Normally we will have a lot of things to burn, such as paper money(陰司紙,過路錢,往生紙,七彩紙,紙衣..) -  for those can be fold as 元寶(YUAN BAO, a type of money) , it is much more easy to burn.
It is a lot.. ya... I mean really a lot.. you may fold all paper money in advance...

Actually those spirit is like normal human.. just they are live at their own world.. IF you didn't disturb them.. They won't disturb you.. IF you do so OR you ''FEEL'' something.. just pray again.. try to talk to them when you are praying.. burn more money or cloth.. 



-Speed limit to be reduced during Hari Raya -

Gentle Remind for those BALIK KAMPUNG.... 

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 9 —  The speed limit along federal and state roads will be reduced by 10km per hour (km/h) from Aug 12 till Aug 26 during the festive season, said Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha.
Hence, he said the speed limit along federal roads would be 80km/h and state roads (70km/h) for two weeks as a measure to reduce accidents during the festive season.
Speaking to reporters after launching the Aidilfitri Integrated Road Safety Campaign at the South Integrated Terminal here today, he said heavy commercial vehicles other that those ferrying perishable goods were barred from using expressways on Aug 17, 18, 25 and 26.
On the Automated Enforcement System (AES), he said it was still at the trial stage and was expected to be fully operational later this year.
He said the system had been installed at 10 blackspots and was being tested before they come into operation in stages.
As a warning to motorists, notice boards on zone speed cameras will be put up within two km from the location, he added.
Kong said JPJ would conduct inspections on public transport at 32 major terminals while JPJ officers would disguise as passengers on board express buses during the festive season. — Bernama

Resource from The Malaysian Insider ... 


Try To Catch ME~~~~SEE YOU LATER~~

Happy HOLIDAY & 
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir Batin..

-BigHead Kyoro-

-So MEAN Atitude

Don't want to mention how many FARTING words I speak a day... Can't get a probable answer even do the Research.. I lost the count in within 3 minutes by counting how many words I speak just now..


Can't YOU not to talk SO MEAN..

Don't let people have any HARSH FEELING.. The next second you spoke... It will be the Pai-Seh moment.. It suddenly build up the ICE WALL..

Good LUCK!!

-Pooping & Flushing-


Everyone know the S*!t was damn stinky and smell way ''too good''... Every single time you go for ''BIG BUSINESS''.. is ok if your are alone in the toilet... dump how much ''gold'' as you like... 

But HEYYYY... 

how if with others in the toilet with you??!! no matter who.. your colleague.. the cleaner.. maybe your boss?!? if the next second you come out from the toilet, you bump up with the one you close to.. Won't you Pai-Seh?(shame on your self..) 

OR some one direct shout : WOOOOWWW .. WTF SMELL!!! for me.. i rather flush my head rather then the Floating Thingy immediately!! 

When you know your LOVELY FLOATING THINGY was not that *errhemmm*(pleasant?!?!)
Because of you ate something fabulous such as Petai.. Chou-Dou-Fu a.k.a Smelly/Stinky ToFu.. 


What for you let the thingy FLOAT over there?! Flush it once you feel smelly PLEASE... YUCK~

Flushing As EASY As you POOPING...

Well.. although it was YUCCKKY..

 Thanks for Reading..


-Milk Bottle? Wasted Paper?-

INCIDENT - was having a 'breath' at the car park this morning.. and saw someone walking toward me by carrying his laptop bag and a plastic bag on hand.. from far.. I though the plastic bag was some paper.. small size like sticky note.. and I saw some paper drop.. though wanna let the guy know.. but.. why he walking toward me??! and throw the plastic bag.. ummm... rupa-rupanya that is a milk bottle..

If  I tell the guy...

BigHead: Hey sir, you drop something..

Guy: (turn back and see..it was just a wasted paper??!!)... 

****If were you.. will you tell the guy that he drop something?

****If you are the guy.. what will you do?

Raining Day.... =.=

-NIKE Warehouse Sale 2012 Part 2-

Went from NIKE Warehouse Sales 2012 yesterday... it is not what I'm expected HUGE but well, in my mind.. NIKE = shoes with big TICK... yaaaa... it is more shoe in Dewan Sri Putra... oh ya... FYI... Dewan Sri Putra was near by Stadium Bukit Jalil.. have to drive into the stadium.. and you will see all the way long with the bunting with NIKE Warehouse Sales 2012 (orange color... correct me if I'm wrong..I'm color blink)

Let's view some photo to tell you the story...
convenience for those who driving from far.. LOTS of parking..

This is Dewan Sri Putra

FYI.. no BAG allowed.. means your Goochi, LiaoWee, Bradada..
the security will give you a big plastic bag and tight it..
when you wanna make your payment.. the cashier will cut the knot thingy
for you.. =)


You know what I'm mean.. it like a 'U' shape of this.. if you ever be in the..
you know what I'm mean.. DOZEN OF SHOESSSSS!!!

I spot this.. Should I get this? ummmm.... to many choices..

Let just see the price..
WOW!! 40%+10%.. cheap cheap leh!!!

The crowded ..

H.O.L.L.Y   S.T.A.I.R
not sure izzit because was last two days... I'm actually looking for the shoe bag for my TinTin.. but too bad.. not selling on that day.. should go earlier next time!! pisss pisss... i didn't get the shoe... XD

-NIKE Malaysia Warehouse Sale 2012-

Like Sport(s)? YOU should go to Nike Malaysia Warehouse Sale 2012 . Check out the NIKE Warehouse Sales 2012!! It include Nike Shoe, Nike Apparels, Nike Accessories, Nike Sport Equipment and so on!! if you are BIG FANS of Nike or you wanna try Nike brand OR you looking some sport wear for HARI RAYA?! .. GO to the NIKE Malaysia Warehouse Sale 2012!!! (whispering : i will go tomorrow.. XD)

Date: 8 - 12 August 2012 (Wednesday - Sunday)
Time: 12 PM - 9PM
Venue Dewan Sri Putra, Bukit Jalil Sport Complex
Special Preview Sale for MAYBANKARD CardMembers
- 8August 2012
- EXTRA 10% Savings on Sale items.
- Payment must be made via Maybank Credit or Debit Card only.
(Too bad... i cant get it any..)

See you guys tomorrow!! ADIOS!!!

.: Learn :.

Read from Leu Blog~

1. No point using limited life to chase unlimited money
2. No point earning so much money which you cannot live to spend it
3. Money is not yours until you spend it
4. When you are young, you use your health to chase your wealth;
When you are old, you use your wealth to buy back your health.
Difference is that, it is too late~
5. How happy a man is, is not how much he has but how little he needs
6. No point working so hard to provide for the people you have no time to spend with

So, what do you guys think?
Repost from my blog things to learn 06/10/2009...

.: Drama :.

Was way to tired for dramatic life.. I don’t like it… was too much.. Too care to someone will suffer your self..  I admit that I told everyone should love them self more.. And I though I EXPERT on this.. but NO.. NO NO NO… Should find a sifu to learn this..

What you think about DRAMA? (In everything happened in our life always drama.. Ain’t no FUN if without them.. HATE or LIKE?)



To be Learn
Life is ROUND.. Don’t make it SQUARE..
Thing is SIMPLE.. Don’t make it COMPLICATED..
When the time is come.. I have to let go..
It is faith.. I meet.. I feel.. I love.. Now I have to let go..
For sure.. I’m self fish.. I can’t accept it.. But it is your own future.. Is good for you.. 
This relationship have to just keep deep in my heart.. No one will know..
Further month to go.. What I .. or should I say WE.. What WE can do is just appreciate what we have.. and what we do now..
I do.. I do love you TinTin.. I really do..


A sudden changes at my life.. what else.. feel lost.. totally lost..need some improvement.. need some encourage.. need some praise.. need some advice.. need some comment.. build ME up.. put THEM down.. to make my self feel better.. GAMBATEH..

here.. wish to say so much thank you to all colleague that im working here.. BCL.. Ms. Teoh.. help me a lot.. at the same time.. cover my mistake a lot.. Edmund.. for sure.. if without him i wont be able to work in this company.. Joyce++, cute sweet girl.. tolerance.. helpful girl.. Teong.. BROTHER forever.. Louise.. teaching me alot of things.. Boss Mr. Allan.. thanks for the praise and encourage.. the best boss i ever met.. others.. Elaine, Sammi, Steven, Cheryl, Christine, Icha, Kak Ima.. will miss you guys.. bring lots of happiness for me.. Frankly, it is so happy to service at this company.. although some time it is tough, move stock and stuff.. but.. like one big family.. lots of memory..

Special thanks to the one mentally supporting me.. for sure.. without you.. i will lag/hang/stuck/bang over there.. am still young.. thanks for everything.. really really appreciate what i had now.. appreciate i had you.. NEED FOR SPEED..CHICKEN..
some other day i might lost you, we might separate.. but.. i'm enjoy the golden time that we spend together.. happiness, sadness.. run.. fall.. here and there..
bringing me lots of surprise.. although i dunno show the surprise face.. but.. i do happy because what you had done.. bring me somewhere that i never reach..
teaching me some simple dishes.. have masak time together.. the funny cooking way.. un-logic  idea pop out.. sudden appetite.. TehOIce..
thanks for the forgiveness too.. sometime i might be mad cow.. again and again.. forgiveness.. but.. you never ever make me heat up.. tolerance.. you good in that.. am still learning...
very regret what i have done something that make your blood hot.. am too keras kepala sometime.. when things happen.. the one who feel bad is my self.. make all thing become worst.. make my self suffer.. no point.. pointless.. padan muka.. i knew..

Well.. I Love, iCare..