A sudden changes at my life.. what else.. feel lost.. totally lost..need some improvement.. need some encourage.. need some praise.. need some advice.. need some comment.. build ME up.. put THEM down.. to make my self feel better.. GAMBATEH..

here.. wish to say so much thank you to all colleague that im working here.. BCL.. Ms. Teoh.. help me a lot.. at the same time.. cover my mistake a lot.. Edmund.. for sure.. if without him i wont be able to work in this company.. Joyce++, cute sweet girl.. tolerance.. helpful girl.. Teong.. BROTHER forever.. Louise.. teaching me alot of things.. Boss Mr. Allan.. thanks for the praise and encourage.. the best boss i ever met.. others.. Elaine, Sammi, Steven, Cheryl, Christine, Icha, Kak Ima.. will miss you guys.. bring lots of happiness for me.. Frankly, it is so happy to service at this company.. although some time it is tough, move stock and stuff.. but.. like one big family.. lots of memory..

Special thanks to the one mentally supporting me.. for sure.. without you.. i will lag/hang/stuck/bang over there.. am still young.. thanks for everything.. really really appreciate what i had now.. appreciate i had you.. NEED FOR SPEED..CHICKEN..
some other day i might lost you, we might separate.. but.. i'm enjoy the golden time that we spend together.. happiness, sadness.. run.. fall.. here and there..
bringing me lots of surprise.. although i dunno show the surprise face.. but.. i do happy because what you had done.. bring me somewhere that i never reach..
teaching me some simple dishes.. have masak time together.. the funny cooking way.. un-logic  idea pop out.. sudden appetite.. TehOIce..
thanks for the forgiveness too.. sometime i might be mad cow.. again and again.. forgiveness.. but.. you never ever make me heat up.. tolerance.. you good in that.. am still learning...
very regret what i have done something that make your blood hot.. am too keras kepala sometime.. when things happen.. the one who feel bad is my self.. make all thing become worst.. make my self suffer.. no point.. pointless.. padan muka.. i knew..

Well.. I Love, iCare..