Last Post for 2009...

Everyone rushing to post their ''Last Post'' of 2009..
wanna join too...

in Year 2009...
do sooooo many things & soooo many things happen...

1.I join Fitness 1st..get healthy and fit body..

2.I was being appoint be Assistant Supervisor of my current job..[it was sooooo exhausting job..]

3.Get my very own DSLR as my hobby..[Sony A330]

4.A Nokia HP for myself..[Xpress Music 5800..]

5.Travel to HK at March...[i do enjoyed the trip..]

6.Get to Know more friends at every field...

7.Step in another ''level'' in my life because missunderstand with my relative..[Sorry Aunty...Sorry Sister Yen..]

8.Mummy done her ovary sugery..[than relation between my Lovely Family and i Getting closer..Guys...Do Sayang your Family...]

9.My DSLR repair for RM800++..[Sakit Hati o...]

10.Thanks for having me a SUPRISE Birthday Celebration..[All my house mate get me Suprise..Thanks guys..]

11.Going For interview at AK for 3 times..[But Failure...will set target for 2010...]

12.Just being single already..[yuhooo...Freedom!! YES! I AM AVAILABLE...hehehe..]

i think thats all for Year 2009...

ByeBye 2009..
HiHi 2010...

Thanks for everything and Sorry for everything if Kyoro[ME] done all the things on you guys...


Start From today...

Start from today...
i want stop all those goreng/hit food...

Good bye Roti Canai..
Good bye McD..
Good bye KFC..
Good bye Cili Padi..[i'll try..]
Good bye Nasi Goreng Kampung...
Good bye Nasi Lemak..
Good bye Sambal Belacan..
Good bye Peanut Jam...
Good bye Ayam goreng Rempah..
Good bye Taiwanese Friend Chicken Chop..
Good bye Pasar Malam Delicious Food..
Good bye my Beloved McD French Fries..
Good bye Yao Zhar Guai...
Good bye Potato Chips...
Good bye Rookie Choco Stick..
Good bye ChaoYang Pasar Malam Siu Tau Fu..
Good bye Tom Yam Soup..
Good bye Seafood..

i think..

Bye Bye!!!!
Get lost!!

i want be FA!!!!!!

Fight For Reality!!!

Good Night!

~ONG ar!!!!!!~

i have to be positive thinking..
although the ''sui'' still follow me seen my birthday..

life still have to go on...
all the problem have to solve..

still got some more~~

Fight For Reality!!

ONG ar!!!!

~lose & lost~

It was too many things happen seen my birthday till now...
Between my aunty, cousin & my family..
my lovely camera..

and so on...

too much to think and too much thing need to settle..
it was too much for me..

i get lose my self..
i lost my passion..

May God bless me...