The End of The Beginning

This few days so much thing happen on me..
my company din't give us salary..
go to labour office complain and i STOP my job already..

What a Happy Beginning..
will get what you don't wish to..

still was timing problem..
too much thing happen to Bee..
make Bee feel stress and oppress..

we just end like this..
but what ever happen..
everything gonna be alright..
after wake up tomorrow..
everything gonna be alright..

thats what i'm always said..

Thanks for your accompany..
Thanks for your advice..
Thanks for your Happiness..
Thanks for your time..
Thanks for your hand..
Thanks for your pushing..
Thanks for your scolding..
Thanks for your smile..
Thanks for everything you gave me..

Love you Bee..
I really feel proud when be with you..
Will keep all memory in my mind..
Love you..


  1. why of a sudden to move to another country? work or migration?

  2. Migration...
    sad at the start..
    but..ok ady..

    L2..thanks for concern.. =)