~12 hours~

12 hours can do many things right..
for example.. working OT 12 hours..
chit chating with buddy 12 hours non-stop..

i lost my phone for 12 hours..
is being too tired that day..
after work..
my friends fetch me home..
but half way.. he went to tar bau..

i just waiting in front of his car..
sitting there..
than smoking a while..
take my phone look at the time..
than just put my phone at the side that i dint realize..
i though i lost 2 of my phones..
but when i calling still can go through..
just thinking..
m i leava my phone at shop?
maybe kut..

another morning..
went to office..
ringing....but why i cant find it??!!

luckily someone answer it..
Mr.Alan was a boss of factory..[Flora Mate SDN BHD]
he give bck 2 phone..
really lucky me..

Thanks Mr.Alan..

will learn from mistake..

take good care to your own belonging..


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