ppl mind will being effect by other ppl word..
making you confusing bout what you do..
making you missing in the green jungle, deep blue sea..

sometime thinking of give up..
it seem like hard to make the decision..
scared will be regret after the decision..

trying to trust it..
but some of the issues might make you feel like wanna take the fucking legs out..
it is suffer..


the decision is not on your hand..
you want it so badly..
the result is..
double up hurting your self..


  1. I have a similar problems like you when I was young. You are now seems like at the crosss junction that make you confusing and indecision. I would suggest you to read more books to enrich your knowledge IF possible. or maybe you could talked , discussed & shared with those people or friends who have experiences in the past. you also could surf from the websites on how the poeple handle theirs problems.

    I would say this is a lifecycle for everyone. the more mistakes you face the more experiences u learn. hope this help.

    Uncle Ray

  2. thanks..Uncle Ray..
    take it as advise..
    still learning now..