ok...for long time never update my blog ady..
lets geh bo bout myself...

for the December of 2009... it was very busy and earn more money month..
as a retail executive..
commission sure gao gao...
thats why less update..damn tired..

and for the year 2010..
it was too many thing happen..
such as my recent company..
now i realize..
why sooooo many staff and manager resign..

no hope bout this company already..
make me decided resign earlier...

and of cause...
Dai Go Zhai already..
started need L.O.V.E....
but being 1/2 reject...
wrong timing..
[ya...i pursue someone...]

but still got hope..

and get my BoNus already..
just 1/4..
of cause!!
better than NOTHING!!

Recently know a new gang few weeks ago...
Thanks for spending the time with me..
appreciate it.. =)

looking for new job after CNY..
anyone gat any Vacancy for me?


oh ya...
post some handsome photo sien..

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