~1st time, than i realize~Tsunami At Haeundae~

This is the very 1st time~
ya right~
my hometown just a little small hometown~
no cinema~
no shopping complex~[but seen i came KL,all got....]

Last week done watching Tsunami at Haeundae~
Damn touching~
previous, i think~
Why everybody cry in the cinema??
very ''cham''~

now i release and realize ~
cos the movie damn touching~
just cry and cry~

Almost Cry Point~
when the Mega Tsunami[as fast 500miles per hour~] just came..all the building crash..the ppl all running and screaming around~[go GSC Pavillion,nice sound system..]
ppl keep falling down,been pijak and tendang~

gosh~ if i was in the scene~can i run as fast like them??

Almost Cry Point 2~
one of the character of this movie~
hope to get a pair of shoe for his son for interview~
well buying~
suddenly Tsunami was infront her eyes~
she still hold tide the shoe and keep running~

thats call'' Love of Mother''~

Touching Cry Point
The scene that one of the Hero in this movie~
damn handsome one~

Here you go~
He was the Rescue team~
that time he was rescue two person in the ocean~
when he rescue the girl that he like~
that is ok~
than rescue another guy~
cos of the wind and tsunami was very hebat!!
than he have to go up to the helicopter with the guy~
suddenly the steel wire start break~
he have to make decide~
the girl up there scream and entreat him must come up~
but the wire just can stand for one person~
than he make a decide~
give his watch to the guy,ask him pass to the girl~
than he take a knife,cut the string than attach with him~
than jump to the sea~

damn touching~
that time~
my tear keeping out and out and out~

too long~
to be continued~

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