The Body Shop Flashmob a.k.a Malaysia Biggest Flashmob

Yeah.. i'm participated in ''The Body Shop Flashmob , Malaysia Biggest Flashmob''
@ Pavillion Kuala Lumpur & Fahrenheit 88.
Date : 30-07-2011  

Really enjoy the show.. thats was fun.. 
other than fun.. 

Everyone on that day who join the flashmob , you have to wear something GREEN..
among the all.. we kinda special..

btw.. Thanks Jimmy Wong.. <3

Among the all.. i like this.. =)

Before the Flashmob start...EXITED Gillleerr..

This is the GREEN that we had on over body... kakakaka....
*From Left..
Kasumi aka lil shwanty Kay
Kyoro aka BigHead

Big hug after the show.. From the right.. Koko Kelvin.. hunk Tom.. Bighead =) Kasumi.. iKuyo..

photo after the show... =)

We on the news paper ''The Star''

Oh ya.. here is the video.. unfortunately the one i wanna show is being blocked by ''whatever'' ABCXYZ company.. but still got another.. 
for better version please log in to Facebook , like ''IfDesign''.. 
Watch The Body Shop Flashmob.. =) 



str8 to the point.. i got my scar on my face.. bahahaha..
it is for last Sunday dance show..
we done the 'Thriller' by Micheal Jackson..
well.. it is easy to do this... kakakaaa~~

it is so much fun there.. stay tune for more update..

lets picture tell you more..


Oh Huei Wern... come on.. it is F.R.E.S.H~~~

Bighead... Thriller... nggaauuww~~





Fully Booking...

ummm... i think this is called Fully Booking..

Monday - 10am to 6 pm working , rushing back to Petaling Jaya, for my Street Jazz class at 730 to 830.. rest of the time hang out with friends till late night..

Tuesday - working, 630pm - 900 pm company internal Motivation training.. rushing back to Petaling Jaya for Mtv Unlimited class at 930pm till late night.. having dinner with friends.. till late night..

Wednesday - working.. (today got another one hour to rest) but.. WTF traffic Jammmm~~~ T.T.. rushing back for dancing(our crew named Hardbeats) training.. 930pm till 12 something... dinner again..

Thursday - working, 630pm to internal training AGAIN~~~ rushing back to PJ, HardBeats training at 930 pm..

Friday - working.. 730pm.. an event need to attend that arrange by my dear Vice president... T.T till 9 pm.. might got fair well gathering with one of my friend.. Thomas Teh.. gonna fly to HK as cabin crew.. tall tall Thomas..

Saturday - Half day working till 2pm , last minutes shopping for coming Sunday Show.. 700pm last full out rehearsal till X.XX pm.. T.T..

Sunday - the show.. an company annual dinner... need arrive Shah Alam convention center prepare.. whole day there till 900pm.. perhaps... they suggest to go Klang for having SeaFood...

thats whole week schedule for recently.. OMG... thats call fully booking... T.T..