Being long time never Refresh my blog...
how are you guys...

many things happen around me..
1st of all..
my Lovely Mummy..
she get a sarcoma inside her ovary..
needa operate it as soon as possible..
the date will be early December..

2.End of one love story..
The another Story will be start....
hope to know somebody soon..
Thanks for everything my dear..
hope you will happy always.. :) current job..
i do enjoy this job..
at the same time..
it was boring for me..
i working at retail..
thats why..
will resign my current job...
and find a new job for myself next year.. DSLR broke..
needa paid RM 800++ for that..
Sakit hati..

hope all will be the end..
wish everything will be go smooth...
Wish me luck..

mama i love you

My Mum just checked her body..
than doctor scan her ovary..
said that a sarcoma being found inside her ovary..
need to operate immediately..

worry bout my mum body and her emotion...

everything gonna be alright...

~Try your best, faster than others~

ya. this whole week i do struggle about one thing...
ya..when i make the decision that wanna do it and hope to get it...
but because of some issue...
i spoiled and mess my plan...
what i wanna do was being stuck and being resist..

than other people get the chance ady...
i lose the chance and i lose the thing...

but if next time STILL got the chance..
will get it as mine...

let it be..
let it be...

Gool Luck to you...


In between 2 things~

one of them was already with it/you have it/use it for long time~
another one will be the new fresh one~

actually feel weired/geli/unlike the old one~
because of some issue/attitude ~

but the old one still can full your contribution~
still haven't spoiled or what ever~

the new one was really what you are looking for that long time~
maybe it was complete all the condition that you looking so badly~

what will you do~

between this maybe a toy you have it so long~
maybe between a N*kia hand phone and !-Phone~

a biscuit you have being ate for whole life~
between Jul!e and Crun*hy~

both dream car that you like~
CV or @ccord..

it maybe can be you beloved and scandal...